Supporting Teachers Across The U.S.A

Savor the Flavor of our Delicious, Freshly Brewed Coffee and Support our Hardworking Teachers.

Our Philosophy

Schoolhouse Coffee is more than just a coffee store. We are a socially conscious, teacher-owned, online coffee retailer that sources and sells high-quality, ethically sourced coffee from around the globe. Our goal is to provide our customers with delicious, sustainably sourced coffee products, while supporting teachers and having a positive impact on education. Partnering with charities that support teachers and education Schoolhouse Coffee gives back to schools across the United States by donating a portion of our sales to for each bag of coffee that we sell. We firmly believe that every cup of coffee has the power to bring people closer and that, together, we can create an environment that fosters community and supports learning, and inclusivity.

Our Products

At Schoolhouse Coffee we offer a wide variety of single origin coffees and blends from around the world using the freshest of fresh roasted coffee beans. From our rich and bold 6-Bean Espresso, to our smooth, caramelly Papua New Guinea Organic, Artisan Teas, K-Pods, and Cold Brew Coffee, we have something for everyone. 

Our Process

We take great care in sourcing our coffee from ethical and sustainable farms worldwide. Our team of skilled coffee experts select only the best fresh coffee beans which are then roasted to perfection and shipped the same day - ensuring that you get the best possible experience with every sip.